I read the reviews on here and they were all great, so I decided to come and check it out for myself. Turns out they were all true. Chris went far and beyond to get me approved and to make sure that I leave with a new car. Much highly recommended.


They were the only car dealer that i could trust, they gave me all the information on the car, then the carfax, then disclosed any issues with the car present, and past making the process fast and smooth. I recommend anyone go to them first over any other car dealer because they will be the most honest and give you a great price.

James Leggate

I don't usually write reviews, but my experience with Chris was excellent! Both Chris and his father Tony were very upfront and honest, yes I said honest!! They specialize in cars that are very well maintained and in excellent condition. I usually buy cars from private owners, but I would buy from Chris and his family again without hesitation.

Kathy Smith

Chris was honest, so helpful, very knowledgeable, and friendly. Trustworthy and passionate he was upfront and helpful from the first phone call. Would highly recommend him over a big name dealership any day, no bs, no hassle and back and forth crud the big dealers put me through.

Jenny Bauer

Great guys. before the sale and after. love the prius 14 well built well taken care of. Chris has a eye for great cars and trucks is family owned and operated friendly atmosphere.

Lonnie P

I’m not usually one to write reviews, but felt that I owed it to this fantastic duo to share my experience. It seems that most of the other reviewers agree that when you come here you don’t get your typical used car buying experience. I came here by accident as I was stopping to fill up gas across street. Right from the start Chris and Denise (the brother/sister duo and owners) made me feel comfortable on the lot. I had been looking for a gas-efficient vehicle for quite some time and came across their line of prius’. The great thing about it was that even though this is a used car dealership, they had options to choose from to make sure I met my budget. I chose a 2010 Prius with just the basic package since I didn’t care for all the bells and whistles that the others had. I’ve been loving it! Didn’t feel pressured to buy, got a great deal, they don’t treat you like a number or quota to meet, they treat you like a person and do their best to make sure you have a great car buying experience, whether it’s your first, or fifth. Thanks Chris and Denise, I’ll definitely be sending everyone I know here!

Jomana Boulos

Before buying a car at Vista Auto Sales I was shopping around at multiple small and big dealerships. At Vista Auto Sales they were honest and professional throughout the process. They were flexible and willing to work with me with special requests I had. I felt comfortable moving forward and buying a car from them and definitely recommend anyone to Vista Auto Sales.

J Sal

We had an awesome experience with Vista Auto sales! They were very patient with us and helped us out with every step of the way. They followed up after the purchase to make sure everything fit our handicap needs. 5 stars!!

Kathy McCray

Chris and Andy made something IMPOSSIBLE turn into a MIRACLE. It was almost impossible for me to finance my dream car, a 2010 Red Honda Civic. The moment I looked at that car, I wanted it. Chris and Andy worked day and night to get me this car, which I am truly grateful. They went above & beyond, staying after hours making phone calls after phone calls just to see me drive off that lot with my dream car. They did all the hard work , the process was quick and painless. They gave us refreshments, delicious granola bars, they also asked us if we needed anything else and they made sure we got it. This specific Vista Auto Sales, I would refer this place to anyone. I will make sure to be back to get my little brother and sister cars when they get older. Thank you so much for everything and all the hard, dedicated work you put into making my first car experience amazing ! I'll be back.

Jasty Quinene

Gracias por attendeme muy bien ustedes son muy buenas personas tu y Ermana muy buena actitud para attender a Las personas asi sigan y ban tener eccito

Anastacia Canseco

I was very impressed with how straightforward Chris and Dennis are about this deal we made yesterday. This is my first time buying a used car at a private dealership. Very happy. Honest people. If you want to avoid all the hassles that you might have at any other auto dealers, go to Vista Auto Sales. Also, their customer service is beyond outstanding. After we purchased the car, my husband told Chris that we was bothered by a small item, Chris offered to buy a replacement right away. That's very professional and smart. His little move gains a loyal customer right there. I highly recommend this place

Katie Le

We had a great experience here with Chris, he went above and beyond to help us find the perfect vehicle, as well as the perfect pricing. Definitely would recommend coming here for your next used vehicle purchase!!

Kiera Davis

Chris at Vista Auto Sales is very professional and provides wonderful customer service. I have personally bought two cars from them and was 100% satisfied. Highly recommended to anyone looking for a great deal on a used car or truck.

Lars Erickson

I purchased a vehicle at Vista Auto Sales about three weeks ago. This is a friendly place with a nice clean office and open area for reviewing cars. You don't have a bunch of cars being detailed and the office does not have a dark seedy feeling that I get in other places. And it is not so over the top that you feel like I think they spend a ton on overhead to make the perfect office viewing area. Chris was the sales person but he wasn't the typical used car sales person. There was not high pressure sales he didn't try to upsale you a lot of stuff that you probably don't need. Here is an interesting thing that happened while I was there and is indicative of his ethics. We were discussing the car (VW JETTA Sportwagen) with the doors open and the trunk open. A pair of big dudes drove up and hopped out of a truck and started going over the car. They jumped in the car started the engine, popped the hood looked at the engine, and looked around the car. All of this without saying a word to Chris (or I). They were customers looking at the car and thought Chris and I were the sales people. He told them I was a customer and that I was here first and that I would have priority in any sale. I thought to myself did this really happen. Sitting out here and another potential buyer shows up exactly at the moment I was there. I asked Chris "did you set that up." He started laughing and said no but it seemed like a good idea (fully kidding around). I thought wow he is not going to deal on this car at all but he did work with the budget that I had and got me into the car for a very fair price. It was a perfect market transaction. I felt like I got a deal as well as him. I didn't have the financing yet for the car. He set up a preliminary contract with all the details that he explained what they were and gave me time to get the financing and bring the money back to him. My bank was a little slow with the financing but he was patient and it worked out. He was very transparent, set his prices well, and let the quality of used cars that he has sell themselves. He knows all cars but I know that he is a Prius guru. He could rattle off a lot of information and trivia about Prius. I recommend anyone to check out Chris' stock of cars before you go anywhere else, he will treat you like a person and not another mark on a monthly tally.

Jack Barraett

Not your typical used car dealership. They really care about their customers, Denise and Chris were very patient with my from when I walked onto their lot until I finished paperwork with them. I would highly recommend them to anyone in the market to buying a used car.

Amanda Somers

My son and I went to look for a car and not only did we find a wonderful car at a great price we also found a very warm and honest atmosphere. We really enjoyed working with Denise. I love that they have the Carfax history on the vehicle so we can look at. We felt that they were very straight up and honest. We would recommend anybody to buy a used car from them. It's hard to find a quality used car location that are truly honest. Love you guys!! Cathy and Paul

Cathy El Kacemi

Five stars! Denise and Chris were a pleasure to work with - both were very professional and respectful, with lots of integrity. I would recommend Vista Auto Sales without reservation to anyone looking for a no-haggle honest desk.looking for aan honest deal with no haggling

Eric Zarate

A fantastic experience! I have to say, Chris was a lifesaver for me. I was in desperate need of a vehicle after my old one finally gave out, and I initially went the traditional route, going to a large dealership in my area. After being given the runaround, waiting for hours, and finding nothing but frustration from dealing with aggressive salesmen, I turned towards the Internet and looked for a used car through other avenues. What I found at Vista Auto Sales, was a diamond in the rough!! I got a beautiful, 2006 Cadillac DTS, in absolutely pristine condition. I called Chris to inquire about it, and he made room for me to come test drive it that very day. It was a pleasure dealing with Chris. He was polite, enthusiastic, and HONEST. It quickly became clear that he genuinely cared about selling a quality product, at a fair price. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to both friends and family. If you're in the market for a used car, rest assured that Chris and Vista Auto Sales will take good care of you!

Lewis Chester

Chris was awesome, from start to finish! He knows what he's doing and seems to generally care for the customer not just getting money for his car sales. Wonderful business transaction and I'm loving my Prius!!! I will being doing future business with him and I highly recommend getting your next car from Vista Auto Sales...

Gor Miller

Absolutely this place is honest and amazing, they are wonderful and friendly, on the top of that they have gorgeous australian shepherd

Sami Agmi

Buying my car from Vista Auto Sales was a great experience. I found the car online and when finally I saw it, it exceeded my expectation. Chris was wonderful. He really cares about the customer. He was friendly, informative and helpful. I plan on being a return customer.

Maria Melloni

I had a great experience with Vista Auto Sales, I'm very satisfied with my used Toyota Matrix XR I recently purchased, all the cars I saw were very clean and in great condition. The service I received was excellent and Chris was extremely helpful.

Christian Dumas

Very honest and fair. Goes the extra mile to get the purchase done fast and efficiently.

Kristen Leggate

My experience was great. No b.s. straight to the point business. Great price and atmosphere. Very chill layed back and friendly. Very satified with my vehicle and price I got. Thanks

Miguel Montes